The above scenario is a common tell-tale symptom of presbyopia.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the lenses in our eyes lose some of their elasticity, and with this they lose some of their ability to change focus for distances up close.

The loss is gradual. Long before we become aware that seeing close up is becoming more difficult, the lenses in our eyes have begun losing their ability to change shape to help focus light rays. Only when the loss of elasticity impairs our vision to a noticeable degree do we recognize the change.

Lose your readers

Has blurry vision stopped you from SEEing the moment? Progressive glasses are not your only option.

Alcon® Dailies® wear Multifocal lenses offer outstanding technology and comfort to provide crisp, clear vision at ALL distances to make your day-to-day life easy.

See clearly at all distances

Unlike regular contact lenses, that can correct only near or farsightedness, Alcon® Dailies® Multifocal lenses feature the unique Precision Profile™ optical design. This design works with the natural function of your eye's pupil to help you see clearly at all distances.

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Getting started

Here are some helpful questions to get the conversation started with your eye care professional.

  • I think I may have presbyopia. What’s your professional opinion?
  • What causes presbyopia? Is it something only older people get?
  • I’ve never worn a contact lens in my life. Is presbyopia a good reason to try multifocal lenses?
  • Are multifocal lenses comfortable?
  • Are daily disposable or monthly replacement multifocal contact lenses better for me?
  • I’ve heard a lot of good things about Alcon® Multifocal Contact Lenses. Can you tell me more?