DAILIES® AquaComfortTM Plus Multifocal

Designed for clarity at all distances and refreshing all-day comfort.


  • Blink-activated moisture technology for outstanding comfort throughout the day

  • No cleaning required

  • Designed for clarity at all distances, near through far

Recommended for

  • People who have presbyopia (inability to focus on near objects who may currently use reading glasses)

  • People who aren’t currently wearing contact lenses or are dissatisfied with their current contact lenses


  • DAILIES® AquaComfortTM Plus Multifocal contact lenses combine the best of both worlds – Precision ProfileTM Design for clear vision and blink-activated moisture for refreshing comfort all day

  • Here’s how unique Precision ProfileTM Design works with DAILIES® AquaComfortTM Plus:

    • A full range of prescription strengths blends seamlessly and provides smooth transitions across a wide range of distances. Whether it’s reading a restaurant menu or your favorite book, you can start seeing comfortably again within arm’s length, without eyestrain
    • And only DAILIES® AquaComfortTM Plus brand contact lenses have blink-activated moisture for outstanding comfort throughout the day
    • Wearing FOCUS® DAILIES® Progressives contact lenses? It’s time to upgrade to the refreshing comfort and advanced design of DAILIES® AquaComfortTM Plus contact lenses*

See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information.

*Compared to FOCUS® DAILIES® progressive contact lenses.